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Prof. Miriam Cnop receives the Five-Year Government Award of Medical Sciences from Belgium.

On Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, the Five-Year Government Awards of the Medical Sciences, period 2016-2021, were presented by the Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België and the Académie royale de médecine de Belgique.

The Five-Year Prize of Medical Sciences was established 164 years ago on Nov. 15, 1859. In 1964, the prize was de-doubled into a prize for research in the field of fundamental medical sciences, on the one hand, and an equivalent prize for research in the field of clinical or applied sciences, on the other. In 1987, it was determined that each of the two prizes would be awarded alternately to a French-speaking and a Dutch-speaking researcher. The prizes are awarded by royal decree on the recommendation of a jury of 12 members from the two Academies of Medicine.

Prof. Miriam Cnop from the UCDR received on this day the “Clinical or applied medical science award” (Prix des sciences médicales cliniques ou appliquées/Prijs der klinische of toegepaste geneeskundige wetenschappen) and presented an overview of her research in a presentation entitled “Translating clinical research, human genetics and functional genomics, and stem cell and b cell biology into novel understanding of diabetes pathogenesis” (Youtube link).
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